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Massage service providers and treatments. Find massage therapists across London, the UK and Global with Book 4 Noon. Whether you are seeking a deep tissue massage, head massage, or Thai massage, there are massage therapists near you.

Are you a massage therapist yourself looking to offer your services and treatments to clients near to you, or would like to grow your local client base in your area? Upgrade to pro to reach new customers across London, the UK and Global.



Are you looking to offer your services in cuddle therapy, are a great listener, or just like to help people? Use your empathy and comfort skills to earn extra income and help people in your area relax after a long and stressful day by offering your services as a cuddle therapist. Find customers and clients near you.

Find friends across London, the UK and Global for cuddling. 

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Find friends across London, the UK and Global to exchange massage. Whether you are seeking a deep tissue massage, relaxing massage, head massage, or Thai massage, there are members near you.



It’s always a nice feeling to know you have someone to talk to. Unfortunately, not everyone has that special person they feel they can call on when they’re feeling lonely or simply fancy a chat.

Luckily, at Book 4 Noon, we have member’s online offering chat service. We have friends online now that will happily have an online conversation with you, be that in the form of texting or a video call.

Whether you are new to a city and looking to make new friends, or your existing friends have very busy lifestyles and aren’t available to chat as often as you’d like, why not rent a friend for our online chats today.

Sign up now to book your online chat, or get in touch to find out more.


The lockdown has been an extremely lonely time for many of us, especially those who have perhaps moved to a new place, or have friends working on the frontline who are not available to chat as often as they usually would.

With the world beginning to reopen, some of us are still anxious when it comes to leaving the house, but are missing the social interaction.

Our online chats is a great way to share your thoughts and feelings with a friend, without the need to leave your house. Whether you’d prefer a text or video online chat, we have individuals that will happily have a conversation with you, which can be a huge help during this particularly difficult time.


Whether you’re struggling to get hold of your existing friends for a chat, or you are in a brand new area and are hoping to meet new people, our online friends chatting service is a great way to speak to new people, and build your confidence when it comes to social interaction.

From £15 for a 15-minute online chat, you will find a friend that you can speak to either through texting or video chat, whichever you’d prefer.

Combine this with rent a friend service once you feel comfortable enough to leave your home.


Having anyone to talk to can be such a relief particularly when loneliness strikes. Whether you choose to video call or text, our Global private chat service is available to book today, so get in touch with a friend.

Please contact a member today to discuss your expectations and find a friend online that you can enjoy your conversations with.



Whether you are new to the city, or you would just like to hang out with some new people, we have members online now available to provide you with a bespoke experience.

Perhaps you are looking for a workout buddy, someone to wander around London with, or a friend to take to a social event – whatever your reasons for renting a friend, find the perfect person for you to take companionship in.

To find out more, or to rent a friend today, please call 07985358901 – we’ll be happy to speak to you directly and answer any questions you may have.


  • Choose your activity and duration
  • Set your budget
  • Find a friend offering services for that price or contact a friend directly to offer price that suits your budget

Perhaps you don’t have anyone to go and see that new movie with, or you’re feeling lonely and would like to hang out with someone new. Book 4 Noon members can provide a tailored service where they find out about your requirements and expectations, work out your budget, and provide you a friendship service based on this.

Rent a friend from £15 for 15 minutes, choose an individual that you will click with.


There are so many reasons you may choose to rent a friend in your city. The city is huge, but it can be very lonely at times. Whether your current friends have busy schedules, or you’re new to the city and looking for new people to hang out with, renting a friend is a great way to explore the city and build your confidence.

Rent a friend to:

  • Workout with – heading to gyms by yourself can be daunting, especially if you’re new to exercise.
  • Text or video chat
  • Go shopping with – get a second opinion on something you are looking to buy.
  • Attend a social event – be this a plus one for a wedding, a work party, or a birthday. If you don’t want to attend something by yourself, why not rent a friend.
  • Meet new people and hangout
  • Go to the movies – perhaps your friends don’t want to see a certain film that you’ve been dying to see. Your rent a friend will come with you if you don’t feel confident going to the cinema alone.
  • Go to a restaurant – rent a friend to avoid having to eat out alone.
  • Get a helping hand – if you’re working on a project that requires a model, tv & film extra or a music video actor, choosing to rent a friend could be a great option if you’re struggling to find someone to help.


There are many benefits to renting a friend. Not only is it a great way to network, it can be a great confidence booster and a way to live your city life to the fullest.
To rent a friend today, sign up!

Rent a friend for companionship, exercise, text chat, video chat, personal shopping, delivery, attend a social event, learn new skills, hobbies, housekeeping, cleaning, housekeeping companion, hospitality, modelling, travel and more.



Connect with us, if you are 18 and above, and you truly need someone to love… Our goal is to link you with the right partner, one that will love you wholeheartedly - as much as you do! We know that loving someone is as essential as having someone love you in return. Discovering your soulmate is now possible and all it takes is for you to sign up to make it happen for you. Hundreds of happy couples are living the Romeo & Juliet Dream! So whether you are 18, 30, 40 or over 65, you can approach dating with optimism, zeal & hope. Your past experience(s) don’t matter; what matters is the bliss ahead of you! Right here at Book 4 Noon, find affordable dating solutions designed strictly for our members that are of age 18 and above.



Online language exchange community. Learn languages from around the world. Find friends to learn or practice a language, or reach out to an expert language tutor and start speaking fluently on any budget.

Pay with your skill rather than cash, trade your time doing what you love for something you need. Find friends to swap skills and save money. 



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