Rent A Friend Because
You Don’t Have to be alone

Why Rent a Friend?

Well, not everyone is blessed with a close-knit group of friends. If the boredom does set in, you will soon consider yourself 'lonely.' Then, of course, you can always watch TV series such as "Friends," but we are not sure if that really improves your mood. Watching a group of friends having fun and drama will probably make you realize what you're missing out on. But that won't be long, because you can rent a friend!

Hire a friend with BOOK 4 NOON

We are sometimes confronted with it in films and series. For example, the main character is alone and needs social contact, so he decides to pay people online to do something with them. Or the main character makes herself available to hire as a friend. Now, this has really become a reality because on BOOK 4 NOON; you can make yourself available as a friend or hire someone! Doesn't it sound like a gold treasure?! You will never be alone again, and that is for a few snaps.

How does Renting a Friend work?

We'll have to put a stop to that runaway head of yours right away. The service is exclusively for doing things and does not include sex and dating! For example, with the service, you can hire someone to go to the movies, have a drink, personal shopping, delivery, attend a social event or eat a bite! But it is also ideal for getting music lessons from someone, for example, you can hire anything you need from someone. Actually, you don't need friends anymore with this service!


Steps to follow on Book 4 Noon:

You enter the location where you want to hire someone, and a list of available 'friends' appears. Here you will see photos and interests of the person so that you can select the perfect friend with extreme precision. If you want to contact your friend, you will first have to register on the site and upgrade your account by paying a small fee. Of course, you can also register yourself as a friend! So, you will have to pay for it, but most' friends' charge about 10$ per hour.

The service is for anyone who could use a friend. For example, maybe you just need to talk, and you need a listening ear, and you don't want to do that with your own friends. Or you just really don't have anyone to go anywhere with. We are all looking for social contact, and nowadays, no one likes to be alone, so why not use Rent a Friend?


Why choose us?

All age groups are welcome

Many years of experience in social settings

We don't judge; everyone is welcome

You are flexible in terms of location

Last but not least, we are reliable!