Find friends for
Massage Exchange

Find friends for Massage Exchange

Do you like massages and wish they were free? Now it is! Book 4 Noon is a dedicated social network of thousands of massage enthusiasts who are looking for massage partners with whom they can exchange massages. You massage my back; I massage yours. It's that easy!

How does it work?

Registration at Book 4 Noon is simple and FREE. We welcome beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Finding one or more massage partners can save you thousands of dollars in professional massage costs over the time period of your membership. On our website, you will find information about Massage Partners. Activities with the meeting, exchanging, relaxing, and enjoying. Pleasant massage from curiosity and attention. With a huge, ever-changing group of mature, respectful people.

Sensuality and eroticism during massage exchange

To massage is to touch and feel each other. Sometimes firm, such as with deep connective tissue massage. But sometimes, they are also very light and full of love. Touching, and certainly, the lighter and softer forms can be experienced as sensual. In our view, there is nothing wrong with that. Sensuality and eroticism are part of life and are a wonderful source of life force. Massage often works with intimate energy. However, that does not mean that the massage is also sexual or leads to intercourse. Our massage exchange has no sexual purpose or intention. At the exact time, we don't want to panic too much about it. Both women and men can become aroused by a massage. We are all adults and are perfectly capable of handling this with respect and in an appropriate way. However, sexual acts are not tolerated at Book 4 Noon. Not even if it happens with mutual consent. Get a massage exchange partner is our motto.


Our goal

Our goal is to provide a safe massage exchange partner for women and men, for singles and couples. We pay a lot of attention to that. We are, therefore, critical in who we admit. That is a subjective event, indeed. Sign up today to get the benefit of our services and find new massage exchange partners for yourself.