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At Book 4 Noon, you can quickly find new people to cuddle with the same interests and lifestyle in a simple and modern way. Do you fancy an evening at home, or would you rather cuddle in the room comfortably? Then, at Book 4 Noon, you organize that yourself!

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Are you sitting on the couch watching photos and videos of people at your favourite artist's concert because you didn't feel like going alone (again)? Have you traded a subscription for Netflix because you lost motivation along the way and there was no one to cuddle you up?

Most things are just a lot more fun when you do them together. For example, cuddling while watching your favourite series together for hours.

Find a new cuddle buddy if you've just moved, have a busy job, or find it difficult to approach people. We understand that, and that's why Book 4 Noon is here! We give you all new contacts from your neighbourhood on a premium platter! Of course, you must ensure you don't get too intimate in front of your new cuddle buddy!

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Book 4 Noon is there for everyone who is looking for cuddle company. Signing up is simple: create an online profile and fill in your personal information. The more you fill in, the easier it is to find a match, or that match will find you, of course. Done filling it out? Then the fun begins! You can organize activities or sign up for cuddle therapy in your area.


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We don't do strings attached. Book 4 Noon is free for everyone, and we would like to keep it that way. To prevent abuse of our free platform, we work with a fair-use policy, which means that you get everything from us to use all the functions of Book 4 Noon in a trial period and to contact a few members. After that, if necessary, you can continue using our system with a small donation: you remain in charge of your wallet, and you will never be faced with surprises.

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