What is Book 4 Noon’s buy, sell and exchange service?

Book 4 Noon provides an online intermediary hosting service that allows members to trade, sell and buy items on its platform.

The second hand is first class. There are many opportunities to buy, sell or exchange used items. More and more people are buying or selling second-hand stuff over the internet. You can easily post or look up items to buy or sell via our site. Book 4 Noon facilitates these transactions and allows users to communicate through private messages or by posting messages on the forum. Book 4 Noon also offers additional, paid services to secure these transactions and protect buyers or to improve the visibility of the items they offer.

Who can become a member or user of Book 4 Noon’s buy and sell service?

A visitor is any person who uses the site without being registered in accordance with Book 4 Noon's terms and conditions.

How to sell items on Book 4 Noon?

Submitting items to Book 4 Noon is free but requires a pro membership for unlimited benefits.

The seller must describe the item as accurately as possible, state any defects, and state the price of the item. The item appearing on the list must also be photographed. At least one good-quality photo must be uploaded. Photos must reflect the actual quality and appearance of the item, and any defects in the item must also be depicted.

The number of items in the catalog is unlimited, but the same item cannot be listed more than once, and members or pro members cannot indicate how many of the same items they have.

What items can be sold on Book 4 Noon?

The seller must be the owner of these items and have the right to sell, exchange or donate them. Book 4 Noon strives to provide a friendly and secure Site. Therefore, members and pro members must comply with Book 4 Noon's terms and conditions when uploading their items.

This means, in particular, that: Members and pro members can sell pre-owned items that fall into one of the following categories:

  • Women's, men's, and children's clothing, footwear, and accessories
  • Children's toys, furniture, and childcare equipment
  • Cosmetics, beauty products, and beauty gadgets
  • Tech accessories such as headphones, smart watches, phone cases, and similar items
  • Household articles such as textiles, tableware, and home accessories
  • Books
  • Antique items
  • Vehicles

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